A concept ideal for the Owner who, in addition to having project critical needs, wishes to have a single point of responsibility throughout the design and construction phases of the project.


The Design-Build Contractor is responsible for the design, management, and construction of the entire project. The primary benefit of this approach is simplicity and ease of communication between the Owner and a single firm, the single firm being solely responsible for the success of the project. The streamlining of services provides opportunities for improving cost efficiency, development of innovative solutions and the ability to accelerate the project schedule. Bottom line, Owners receive the best value in the shortest period of time.

Every building project is unique. Prior to engaging in a specific project delivery method, (Design-Build, Construction Management or General Contracting), an overall assessment of the Owner’s needs and objectives should be made. U.W. Marx is available to discuss your project and help select a delivery method that is right for you.