U.W. Marx is a leader in construction services and through our specialized approach, we are able to promote great architectural designs within budget, and then carry through in the details, allowing for efficient and quality construction in the field.



Construction Management is a professional service that provides Owners with the highest level of control over their project. It is through this approach that the four (4) basic elements of a project – scope, time, cost, and quality – can be controlled, balanced and blended to meet critical project requirements while maximizing value. This progression is achieved through a “Team Approach,” and involves the Construction Manager early in the design phase, lending skills and knowledge of phasing, construction methodologies, safety, value engineering and analysis, cost control and estimating, and total project scheduling. With a building design that now benefits from this expert construction planning, the Construction Manager can effectively manage, control and coordinate the construction work in the field. Here the project’s essential element of scope, time, cost, and quality can be safeguarded and implemented to the Owner’s advantage and expectations.

The CM approach has proven extremely effective on both public and private projects. Where the coordination of multiple contracts is the burden of the Public Owner, the “CM Agency Format” fills the need by providing effective management during construction, as well as offering opportunities for time and cost savings during the design.

On privately financed projects, Owners can opt for the Construction Manager to provide a cost guarantee (Guaranteed Maximum Price) in advance of the Architect completing the design, often referred to as the “CM At Risk Format”. Here Owners can benefit from the ability to lock into more favorable financing, start construction earlier and minimize the impact of inclement weather and establish a project’s Maximum Cost up-front.

Peter H. Hammell

– Director

“The project (National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame) was an important undertaking by the Museum. It involved not only the addition of new exhibition and collection storage space, but also the renovation to virtually all of our existing facility. We had far too much to risk if we exceeded the budget or were not able to open the new wing in time for our 50th Anniversary. Our new exhibition facility, which was designed to maintain an extremely stable museum climate, had to be completed in advance of the actual public opening, so that we could prove that it was safe to display approximately $300,000,000 worth of borrowed paintings.”